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Superior Window Tinting Starts with 3M Auto Window Tint

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For thirty-nine years Quality Auto Trim has been committed to providing the most effective window tinting in Spokane. Though many Spokane window tinting companies claim to stand by their work’s quality for the long-term, Quality auto Trim has decades of happy customers standing behind our commitment to quality. Our dedication to quality window tinting products and services is at the core of what we do and who we are at Quality auto Trim. From using the best obtainable 3M window tint film to the care and a focus we use in each and every step of the window tinting process, quality isn’t simply in our name it is who we are.

Superior Window tinting Starts with 3M automotive vehicle Window Tint
Quality Auto Trim is Spokane’s premiere window tinting shop. Quality products and careful attention to detail are essential to achieving the most effective results in window tinting. That is why we are proud that our window tinting experts use 3M automotive vehicle Window Tint. 3M was the first to patent window tint over fifty years ago and they have been an industry leader ever since. 3M has a variety of automotive vehicle window films. Here at Quality auto Trim we supply what we consider the three top of the line selections. We don’t even carry a low end film!

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We only use the Best

FX Premium - Window Tinting

We don’t stock a low-end film. 3M FX Premium is the most popular film we carry.  It cuts glare and rejects up to 45% of the sun’s radiant heat. 

This is our go to auto window film. If an auto dealer sends us a car for a window tint (which many do), this is the film we typically will use. It has a nice black smoke appearance, no metal in it, lifetime warranty (labor and material), and is at a very competitive price level as well. VIEW SPECS

Color Stable - Window Tinting

3M Color Stable window tint has a unique appearance that some say resembles factory tint.  Color Stable is also guaranteed by 3M never to fade or turn purple.

This window film is a step up and comes with a Color Stable warranty, has no metal, and some people prefer the softer smoke appearance of this film. This film rejects up to 57% of the Total Solar Energy, 77% IR rejection, and great Glare and UV protection.  It has a beautiful appearance and also has a lifetime warranty.  VIEW SPECS

Spokane Car Window Tinting
Crystalline Series - Window Tinting

3M Crystalline window tint is our highest performing film. It’s multi-layered structure allows more light in while blocking more heat than four layers of limo tint!

Rather than using darkness (which can be illegal on passenger cars), or metal to reflect heat, Crystalline blocks heat with proprietary technology. 3M Crystalline has over 240 layers  and yet is the thickness of a Post it Note. These layers block the Infra Red (IR) part of the spectrum that causes the heat you feel.


What is the Warranty on the window tint job?

All of our 3M Auto Window Films have a warranty that is good for the lifetime of the original owner.  That is for labor and material.  Once again since 3M has been in business for over 100 years and Quality Auto Trim has been in business in Spokane since 1980.  You can feel secure that your window film will be backed up as long as you own your car.

How dark can you tint your vehicle in Washington state?

The law in Washington changed around 2011 to where it became what we refer to as a Net Law. That means that the total darkness between the AS2 factory glass (you will see a faint etch mark on your glass that says AS2) and the film we install cannot be below 24% VLT (Visible Light Transmission) on your passenger car or on the front doors of your multi-purpose vehicle. On a multi-purpose vehicle like an SUV or a Pickup you can do anything you want behind the front doors.

We can show you samples of the different films and what your vehicle will look like when it is done.  It looks obviously tinted when we are done.

How long will you need my vehicle for tinting?

If we are tinting a complete car or SUV, or Pickup we like to have the vehicle for the better part of the day.  If that is hard for you and you let us know,  we can get it done in 2-2.5 hours if that is what you need.  We do have a nice waiting area with Wifi, TV, magazines, free coffee, pop, water, and popcorn.  We also have some toys and drawing materials for kids if you need to bring them along. All that while sitting next to our beautiful waterfall just outside the window.

Why do you use 3M?

3M had the first patent on window film in 1966 and has been the industry leader ever since.  From Scotch Tape to Post-It Notes, the innovation that 3M has brought to their products for over 100 years is unmatched.  As an Authorized Dealer of 3M Automotive Window Tint, we are proud to bring that innovation to you.   There is no other company that stands behind the quality and performance of their products more than 3M.


Washington State Tint Laws

How dark can window tinting film be in the state of Washington? 
Legal tinting levels are measured by Visible Light Transmission percentage.
See below for limits:

  • Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed on the top 6 inches of the windshield.
  • Front Side Windows: Must allow at least 24% of light in.
  • Back Side Windows: Must allow at least 24% of light in.
  • Rear Window: Must allow at least 24% of light in.

How reflective can the tint be in Washington?
Like the lenses in sunglasses, some tinting film contains metallic elements that help to reflect light and reduce both glare and heat generated by visible light.

  • Front Side Windows: Cannot be more than 35% reflective.
  • Back Side Windows: Cannot be more than 35% reflective.

 More Washington Window Tint Laws and Regulations:

Restricted Colors and Materials
The tint color(s) of Red, Gold, Yellow, or Black, are not legal by state law, neither are mirror finish products or sprayed on products.
Side Mirrors
Dual side mirrors are required if back window is tinted.
Certificate Requirements
Manufacturers of film need to certify the film they sell in Washington State. Ask your dealer if they are using certified film.
Sticker Requirements
The sticker to identify legal tinting requirement is required between the film and glass on the driver’s side window.
Medical Exemption
Washington State allows certain medical exemptions for special tint.

Washington State Tinting Laws- 2009 Update:
For SUVs, you can tint your car up to 24% VLT on the front doors. The back half can be any darkness you want. As for non-SUV passenger vehicles, you may tint all windows up to 24% except the windshield. All windshield tinting can only be tinted a maximum of 6 inches from the top. With this in mind, we do offer an assortment of window film options, and can help guide you to a film that fits your individual needs. The article below is a snippet from the Washington State Patrol:

Washington State Patrol Window Tint Regulations:

  • Sun-screening devices are products, permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary, which reduce the adverse effects of the sun. RCW 46.37.430  
  • Mirror finish products
  • Red, Yellow, Gold, or Black material
  • Brushed or sprayed on material. RCW 46.37.430
  • Sun-screening devices and/or recreational products may not be applied to, or suspended between the driver and the windshield, or to the windows to the immediate right and left of the driver. Recreational products may be applied to other windows only if they do not interfere, by their size and/or position with the driver’s ability to see other vehicles, persons, and objects. RCW 46.37.430
  • Must have both left and right side-view mirrors if window tinting is applied, allowing a 200′ view to the rear. RCW 46.37.430
  • The maximum level of sun-screening material to be applied to any window, except the windshield, shall have a total reflectance of 35% or less, and a light transmittance of 24% or more. RCW 46.37.430
  • Exemption – Doctor’s orders. RCW 46.37.430 
  • A greater degree of sun-screening may be applied to the top 6″ of the windshield.

Paint Protection Spokane 

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Entrust Your Spokane Vehicle Paint Protection To Our Tint And Clear Bra Specialists

Paint protection film also known as Clear Bra” or “PPF”, is applied to areas that are vulnerable to road hazards such as hoods, bumpers and fenders.  It’s also perfect for those “wear and tear” areas such as the top of the rear bumper near the trunk, rocker panels, front & rear wheel openings, door edges, and door handle cups. Quality Auto Trim is the top choice for Spokane paint protection film.

Spokane Paint Protection

Paint Protection Film Installation

Quality Auto Trim purchased our first 3M Paint Protection Film in the late 1990’s.  We have been a distributor/trainer for 3M throughout the Northwest on this film. We have also been the choice of many local auto dealers for years to do their installation of Paint Protection Film in Spokane.  Quality Auto Trim certainly know “new car quality” and this is what we will provide on your vehicle.

We stand behind our reputation and our history as Spokane’s premiere car paint protection installer. 
Visit our Google Reviews page, where over 100 happy customers have shared their personal experiences with us.

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